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Family Devotions in Psalm 119 and the Hebrew Alphabet

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How to bring ministry to your kids back into your home without it being a chore!

If we are going to keep our kids on God’s side the No.1 thing we must do is read and pray together from the Bible.

The question is, how do we do this regularly without it being a chore for us and a bore for them?

After all, work is tiring, family life is busy and we’re not all seasoned Bible teachers or gifted communicators.

What we need is effective resources that take out the ‘heavy lifting’ for parents and enable us to learn alongside our kids. We need something that will grab our kids’ attention and draw them into God’s word at their level.

Are you a family with kids between the ages of 9-13?

Maybe you had some early success with picture Bibles but now the kids are growing up those books seem babyish. Perhaps you've also tried devotional booklets only to be discouraged because the kids just saw it as more homework?

How do we compete with their screens? God help us!

Aussie kid’s performer, Anton’s Antics has a solution that really engages kids ages 9-13. Best of all your family will be encouraged from the Bible while using their screens!

Anton’s A-Z to the Good Life will put you as a parent back in the front seat, leading your family in Bible focused devotions without it feeling like a chore. Instead your kids are going to be asking you for the next video!

What is Anton’s A-Z to the Good Life?

Anton’s A-Z to a good life is a fun course of 23 videos based on Psalm 119. The course is designed to make it easy for parents to nurture their kids toward a purposeful and healthy life. Each video explores a verse from Psalm 119 in context using colorful sketches that are narrated-live by creator, Stephen Shearsby and his eccentric alias, Anton. The videos are deceptively simple, hold kid’s attention and punch well above their weight. 

Bonus activity sheets offer an effective way to reinforce and display each video’s main idea. Throughout the course your kids will grow in their love for God’s word and see why it’s so important for their life’s direction.

Learn the Hebrew alphabet and how it shapes the good life

Psalm 119 is the longest Psalm because it’s an acrostic poem. We’ll be tackling one verse from each section and explore how each letter of the Hebrew alphabet shapes the good life. This means your family will also be learning something new about how the Bible was written from the original languages. Don’t worry it's not complicated and appeals to young learners; Plus, you’ll find it interesting too!

The course begins with a bonus introduction video, so make sure you watch that before you begin to understand how Psalm 119 works. Then week by week, watch the videos until we’ve finished the Psalm. You can also work through the course out of order as each video stands alone. 

Why Anton’s A-Z to the Good Life is essential for my family?

-Your kids will be automatically engaged through quirky sketches and live audio commentary.

-Your whole family will be able to watch, learn and discuss how a verse from the Bible shapes their lives.

-Your busy life, won’t get busier. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you; all you must do is get the family together and as a suggestion, pray and read the verse of the day before you start.

Imagine your kids looking forward to the next family devotion!


Enroll today and preview the course with (no obligation) free trial lessons or purchase the whole course and tuck right in!

Priced at $97 (full 12 months access) for 22 videos (plus the bonus intro video and 22 activity sheets) with each video lasting about 8 minutes, this represents exceptional value.

'Anton's A-Z to a Good Life' includes:

  • 22 videos, each teaching a different letter of the Hebrew alphabet and its importance for a good life
  • Bonus introduction videos, setting up the whole course and how to approach Psalm 119.
  • 22 Bonus Activity Sheets
  • Suitable for ages 9-13
  • No Obligation FREE TRIAL videos

Psalm 119:1 begins:

“Blessed are those whose way is blameless, who walk according to the law of Yahweh”

Bring ministry back into your home with"Anton's A-Z to a Good Life"

Stephen Shearsby
Stephen Shearsby
Performing Artist

I’ve tried just about everything to connect with and teach kids the Bible in the past 10 years of Christian ministry: puppetry, drama, clowning; you name it, I gave it a go. Lots of different programs, lots of ideas. I read as much as I could, wrote academic papers on child theology, spoke at conferences and performed to thousands of kids. Ordained in full time Christian ministry in 2006, I've trained as both a pastor and school teacher. Once I finished Bible college in Sydney I served as a full time children's minister, Director of Kidzlink (Anglican kids club and playgroup organisation) and now self-fund my own performing arts ministry, Anton's Antics.

However, my most important ministry and the one that sent me on this journey to bring the Bible fresh into kid’s minds, is with my own kids. The thing is, as any parent knows, it’s not easy getting the Bible open with your family on a regular basis. I could be the greatest performing artist and yet neglect my kids, my own family. How sad would that be?

Good news is my wife and I have persevered and tried a whole range of different resources to get our kids and our family looking at God’s word together on a regular basis for the past 15 years. It’s super hard finding resources that make your job easy and engage the kids without feeling like you’re being preachy or just plain boring them to tears.

With the help of Anton and a sketch pad, I’ve created my own resources to help solve this problem. The videos are deceptively simple, hold kid’s attention and punch well above their weight. We tackle one verse in each video and explore what it means in the context using simple sketches and a bit of cheeky fun from Anton.

I know you and your kids will enjoy them, so save yourself the hassle and make them part of your weekly routine!

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