Bring ministry to your kids back into the home without it being a chore

Your kids will love it!

Are you a family with kids between the ages of 9-13?

Maybe you had some early success with picture Bibles but now the kids are growing up those books seem babyish. Perhaps you've also tried devotional booklets only to be discouraged because the kids just saw it as more homework?

How do we compete with their screens? God help us!

Aussie kid’s performer, Anton’s Antics has a solution that really engages kids ages 9-13. Best of all your family will be encouraged from the Bible while using their screens!

Anton’s A-Z to the Good Life will put you as a parent back in the front seat, leading your family in Bible focused devotions without it feeling like a chore. Instead your kids are going to be asking you for the next video!


Be equipped to lead your family

You won’t regret it!

Anton's A-Z to a Good Life puts effective resources in your hands that take out the ‘heavy lifting’ and enable us to learn alongside our kids. The videos will immediately grab your kids’ attention and draw them into God’s word at their level.


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    Introduction to Anton's A-Z To The Good Life - BONUS

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    Psalm 119 and the Hebrew Alphabet Videos

  • 4

    Psalm 119 and the Hebrew Alphabet Activity Pages - BONUS

    • Aleph Psalm 119:1 Activity Page

    • Bet Psalm 119:11 Activity Page

    • Gimel Psalm 119:18 Activity Page

    • Daleth Psalm 119:26 Activity Page

    • He Psalm 119:37 Activity Page

    • Waw Psalm 119:41

    • Zayin Psalm 119:50 Activity Page

    • Het Psalm 119:57 Activity Page

    • Tet Psalm 119:71 Activity Page

    • Yod Psalm 119:82 Activity Page

    • Kaph Psalm 119:82 Activity Page

    • Lamed Psalm 119:89 Activity Page

    • Mem Psalm 119:97 Activity Page

    • Nun Psalm 119:112

    • Samekh Psalm 119:114

    • Ayin Psalm 119:125 Activity Page

    • Pe Psalm 119:136

    • Tsadeh Psalm 119:137

    • Qoph Psalm 119:145 Activity Page

    • Resh Psalm 119:160 Activity Page

    • Shin and Sin Psalm 119: 165 Activity Page

    • Taw Psalm 119:175 Activity Page

About Your Instructor

Performing Artist

Stephen Shearsby

I’ve tried just about everything to connect with and teach kids the Bible in the past 10 years of Christian ministry: puppetry, drama, clowning; you name it, I gave it a go. Lots of different programs, lots of ideas. I read as much as I could, wrote academic papers on child theology, spoke at conferences and performed to thousands of kids. Ordained in full time Christian ministry in 2006, I've trained as both a pastor and school teacher. Once I finished Bible college in Sydney I served as a full-time children's minister in a church, then as Director of Kidzlink (support organisation to kid’s club and playgroups) and now self-fund my own performing arts ministry, Anton's Antics.Anton’s Antics is outrageous fun. I love watching kids become completely entranced, soaking up all the great goodness from God’s word that is woven through each character’s performance.But live performance can only reach those wonderful people you have in front of you. My BIG dream was to build videos for kids and families to digest and be nourished 24/7, around the world.Anton’s Antics Courses were born!So mums, dads, schools and churches, dive right in and enjoy all the fun, stories and beats from Anton, Stephen and Skito in Anton’s Antics Courses!Let’s Grow Godly Kids


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  • Regular Bible reading

  • Memorising Scripture

  • Sketching and doodling

  • Lightning Lettering

  • Revision and reinforcement

  • Enjoyment in God's word


Founder of

Lara Velez

My daughter laughed a lot while listening. And she couldn’t wait to hear the next lesson.

Psychologist and mum

Julia Mansfield

Easy to engage with; made looking at the Bible together fun and definitely not a drag.



Bonus Material

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  • Kid's Activity Pages

    One verse, one Hebrew letter

    $22 value

    22 posters to keep God's word in your mind

  • How Psalm 119 Works

    Introduction video

    $7 value

    Make the most of Anton's A-Z course with this bonus orientation video

  • Meet Anton and Stephen

    Welcome video


    Meet the characters behind the voices