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Anton's Antics is here to help you grow godly kids.

Anton’s "Sneak Peek" is a generous cross section of videos and resources that will give back control and build your confidence as a parent or kid’s ministry leader.

These videos and support resources really work. They’ll save you oodles of time, so you can be more effective and focus on other things!

Answer Tough Questions Kids Ask and Build Christian Values

If we don't engage with tough issues and actively build Christian values in our kids, then someone else’s thinking will steal them away.

That’s why I’ve selected four ‘tough questions’ topics and provided you with a comprehensive fun, teaching resource package for each. Plus, we'll cover some important Christian values, so you can focus on your ministry rather than in it.

I'll also make it easy to reinforce and extend the teaching in each video with Anton’s Bonus e-Activity Booklets. Each booklet comes full of questions, ideas, activities and prayers for ages 5-12 years. These booklets really flesh out the lesson and make it a no brainer for you, saving you time.

Excel in teaching kids the Bible

Your job made easy!

Become a More Effective Teacher and Fire Up Your Kid’s Artistic Skills

It's no secret that kids learn through lots of visuals. The bonus Quick Sketching videos in this course will help you be a more effective communicator and encourage your kids to improve their own drawings.

Make Reading the Bible as a Family Fun!
We  know reading the Bible and praying as a family is important, but  sometimes we're overwhelmed with all the ''stuff of life''. Or we try,  but find we are boring our kids and it becomes a discouraging chore.

Make it a whole lot easier for your family with the short, fun, bonus Devotional videos where Anton, Skito and Stephen tackle just one verse of Scripture for you.

Alternatively, use the devotional videos in church to encourage other parents and families like yours.


  • 1

    Tough Questions Kids Ask

    • Is IT True? Are the Bible Stories About Jesus True?

    • Is IT True? (Are the Bible Stories About Jesus True?) - Activity Booklet

    • Why Can't God Show Me A Miracle So I Will Believe?

    • Why Can't God Show Me A Miracle So I Will Believe? - Activity Booklet

    • How Can I Be Sure I'll Go To Heaven?

    • How Can I Be Sure I'll Go To Heaven? - Activity Booklet

    • Who is My Neighbour? (Christian Values)

    • Who is My Neighbour? - Activity Booklet

  • 2

    Read the Bible as a family (Family Devotions)

    • Psalm 119 Introduction

    • Aleph Psalm 119:1

    • Beth Psalm 119:11

    • Gimel Psalm 119:18

    • Psalm 119:136 "Pe"

  • 3

    Learn How to Quick Sketch

    • Drawing Backgrounds Video

    • 3 Essential Shortcuts Video

    • Drawing People (distant)

    • Drawing 2D Buildings Video

About Your Instructor

Performing Artist

Stephen Shearsby

I’ve tried just about everything to connect with and teach kids the Bible in the past 10 years of Christian ministry: puppetry, drama, clowning; you name it, I gave it a go. Lots of different programs, lots of ideas. I read as much as I could, wrote academic papers on child theology, spoke at conferences and performed to thousands of kids. Ordained in full time Christian ministry in 2006, I've trained as both a pastor and school teacher. Once I finished Bible college in Sydney I served as a full-time children's minister in a church, then as Director of Kidzlink (support organisation to kid’s club and playgroups) and now self-fund my own performing arts ministry, Anton's Antics.Anton’s Antics is outrageous fun. I love watching kids become completely entranced, soaking up all the great goodness from God’s word that is woven through each character’s performance.But live performance can only reach those wonderful people you have in front of you. My BIG dream was to build videos for kids and families to digest and be nourished 24/7, around the world.Anton’s Antics Courses were born!So mums, dads, schools and churches, dive right in and enjoy all the fun, stories and beats from Anton, Stephen and Skito in Anton’s Antics Courses!Let’s Grow Godly Kids


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  • Quick Sketching

  • Family Bible Time

  • Tackle tough questions Biblically

  • Reflection for Prayer

  • Encourage Christian values

  • Learn New Songs



Bonus Material

Include additional content to your course curriculum to provide further value to your students.

  • Family Devotion Intro Video

    Doodling video

    $7 value

    Background to Psalm 119 Family Devotion series

  • Lesson Revision Activities


    Questions and fun activities to reinforce each Tough Question video

  • Purposeful Parenting Tips

    Weekly parenting tips, anecdotes and reflections

    Amazing Value!

    Join our climbing community and grow everyday through real interaction with fellow students!

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