Anton's Antics Courses


Set your child's direction to where it really matters and encourage them to stay God's course when the going gets tough!


Sneak Peek - Growing Godly Kids

Grow Godly Kids in your home or ministry with engaging videos from Anton's Antics that answer tough questions, build Christian values and improve their drawing skills


Anton's A-Z to a Good Life

Family Devotions (Psalm 119 & the Hebrew Alphabet


Star Struck

Move your kids from jealousy to joy with this fresh take on the old Christmas story from Matthew's gospel.


What's Truth?

Equip kids to be able to give reasons why they believe Jesus is THE truth


Is God Really There?

Do you want your kids to stick with God for the rest of their lives? This is the sign you've been looking for! Let Anton's Antics help your kids find the confidence they need to give good reasons for God's existence and why they matter to Him.